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Version 1.5: Email Automation

First eCommerce platform in India to offer re-marketing automation tools for retailers. iQeCommerce  keeps getting better; thank you to all of our customers whose valuable feedback have made this possible. Most of the latest features in this release were added based on feedback from our customers. You asked, so we delivered.  Check out the following features implemented in the latest version:
Checkout by Facebook:Using this feature any new customer can login directly with their facebook account instead of signing up with a new account with you; this reduces the chance of losing customers because they don’t want to go through a lengthy sign-up process.  Your returning customers can also login using their facebook account.

Email Automation:Cut down on email time.  We have incorporated this tool for your re-marketing or customer engagement purposes. Using this tool, you can save lots of time. Following are the details where email automation would come in handy;

  • Unpaid Order:Don’t lose would-be customers who didn’t complete their payment process; you can customize the email template along with the timeline (minutes/hours/days) to send emails to the shopper after the unpaid orders have been captured in the system. Create up to three emails as reminders for completion of unfinished payment.
    Item Left In Cart: Many shoppers leave their shopping cart without completing their order; this email automation tool sends reminder emails to the shopper for completing the unfinished order. Store owner can customize email template as well as the time period (minutes/hours/days).  Along with the original email, two reminder mails can be setup for this purpose.
    Request Review: Product reviews improve the conversion rate on ecommerce websites. Based on this, we have incorporated a feature which would automatically send an email to the customer asking them to review their product and purchase.  Customize the email template and the delivery schedule as you see fit.
    Thank You: Sometimes order confirmation is not enough for customer engagement.  You need to get in touch with your customer with some kind of appreciation email, follow-up question, or encourage them to follow you on twitter or Facebook. Keeping all these things in mind, we have designed this email template, so you can customize the look and delivery schedule.
    Referral Code: If you want to grow your customer base, you have to ask your existing customer for some kind of referral or send them coupon codes, so that they can promote your products to their personal network. Based on this, we have enabled this email tool, which is totally customizable from the admin side.
  • Facebook Viral Apps: Update your Facebook users (those who checkout through Facebook) from your store backend, about latest product, discount code or news.
  • Customize stock Status: Display your stock status with customized messages on the product details page; if you need to let your customers know items are in stock, and then this is the tool for you.
  • DirecPay Payment Gateway:Another Indian payment gateway channel has been incorporated; Times Money customers can use their account for accepting online payments.
  • Low Stock Notification: Before, there was no way to know when your stock would get low or special deals would expire. Based on customer feedback, we have built this feature. From now on, you get notified in admin as soon as your stock goes low or special prices will expire.
  • Copy Product: Another great tool from our stable.  Now you can easily copy your product from backend by a single click.  This saves you time, because you don’t have to start from scratch.  This works especially well with products of a similar nature.

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