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Version 1.4 Mobile Commerce

Mobile commerce: Mobile is sweeping ecommerce by storm. 10% of internet sales now happen through mobile devices such as iPads, iPhones, and cell phones. Mobile users leave instantly when a website is not compatible with their mobile device.  That’s lost business.  Fortunately, competition is much lower among mobile-enhanced websites.  That’s why we have arranged for you to have a mobile store presence.  Reduce the chance of losing sales when your customer opens your store with their mobile device. You can get there before your competition, and reach customers they don’t even know about yet.

MailChimp Integration: Email marketing is a low-cost way to market your product or services.  If you’re not using email marketing, you could be letting customers slip away. MailChimp is a free email marketing tool that we have integrated with our system. Instead of using MailChimp separately, you save time because our system instantly updates MailChimp with your customer’s information.  With this feature, as soon as any order is placed on your store, the mail id automatically gets loaded into your MailChimp account. This allows you to follow up with customers and encourage repeat sales.

Upsell on Cart Value: Upsells allow you to suggest complimentary products.  With this feature you can offer some kind of promotional product to your customer based on his cart value.  This feature can increase sales by 20% in some cases. Additionally, you can configure this setting from the backend.

Feedback Widget: Customers will tell you what they want.  So give them a place to do it.  The feedback widget helps you collect customer feedback and incorporates suggestions in your product development. Also, feedback has been shown to quickly correct lagging services. This widget is completely customizable from the backend, and you can use it as a news widget.  Listen to your customers, and announce the changes as you make them.

Bulk Special Price:  With this feature, you can quickly offer special prices on many products. Now, you can add multiple products special prices by a single click from your backend.  This feature is very useful for large sales and discounts. If all these improvements weren’t enough, we added a few more small features.

Suggested Products appear based on customer product purchase history.  If something is popular, it will be suggested to new customers as they arrive.

Top-Selling Product let’s customers see what’s hot based on customer purchase history. Likewise,

Banner Linkage connects specific banners with related products and pages.
It is because of your feedback that we’ve been able to continue giving you what you ask for.  We hope you enjoy this update, and keep letting us know what you want for the next version.


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